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Radio Kotagiri was launched by Keystone Foundation in 2013. This is the first Community Radio Station (CSR) set up exclusively for the indigenous communities in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve. These communities are unique and possess distinct knowledge in respect to culture, folklore, customs, festivals and so on. These communities have a strong oral tradition. Through this medium, we capture, transcribe and share the information with the aim to restore the younger generation’s knowledge by making it immediately available and relevant to them.

The content aired focuses on filling up information gaps in key areas to address the issues of the communities. Thus it would directly contribute to improving the capacity of the communities to address the issues themselves. The radio programmes attempt to utilize resources from within the community (such as village elders, organic farmers, healers etc.) so that the relevance to and acceptance by the people is maximum.

Radio Kotagiri also airs programmes that are relevant to the non-tribal communities. Programmes on waste management, cleanliness, health information, environmental issues, conservation of biodiversity & nature, sustainable development etc are broadcast. We also work closely with students from local schools and colleges to conduct awareness rallies across town.

The CRS has a limited range (15 km maximum) around Kotagiri. Therefore to reach out to communities that are outside this range, the narrowcasting of the CRS programmes is needed. In areas out of reach of the CRS, the programmes would be narrowcasted through a volunteer network that would locally play the programmes in their neighbourhood. Since mobile phones are very common in the area, dial in queries or feedback can be easily obtained from the audience, many of whom may not be able to communicate in writing.



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